Leaders Surprised When Asked “Are We Doing Agile Right?”

Part of the reason we like Path to Agility is the simplicity of knowing how your Agile Transformation is doing. Let’s take a look at a recent example from a company we are working with. The team leaders and mid-management at this company self-assessed that they were more than halfway through their Agile journey – […]

March Presentation on Agile Transformation with LeSS (Large Scale Scrum)

The March AgileSoCal User Group‘s presentation will be on Zodiac Inflight Innovations’ agile transformation with LeSS. Adoption pitfalls, great insights & lessons learned from their Product Owner Mike Winston. This is a preview of their talk at Scrum Alliance‘s national Scrum Gathering in Minneapolis. Product Managers might want to check it out! Zodiac’s agile journey began before I was involved. […]

Agile Adoption Preparation Signals Future Success

Agile Adoption Preparation I’ve recently been coaching at a company, and I’ve seen the most impressive agile adoption preparation ever. And we haven’t even “started” yet. “Normal” Agile Adoption Preparation Most companies call us in to help kick-off their agile adoption, but they have: Already decided on the approach (Scrum) and details (sprint length, day of […]

Southern California Agile Leadership Summit

Southern California Agile Leadership Summit At Rocket Nine Solutions, we are excited to tell you about a special event we have coming up: our inaugural Southern California Agile Leadership Summit in Anaheim at the Disney Grand Californian on November 5, 2015. Executive Support… or the Lack Thereof The summit is an opportunity for coaches of agile transformations […]

How to Get Started with Scrum in my Company?

How to Get Started with Scrum in my Company? Scott Dunn, CEO of Rocket Nine Solutions answers this question from a passionate agile with Scrum methodology perspective. How to Get Started with Scrum in my Company? For smaller companies pick a pilot project. Make sure the company understands the rules of Scrum. Get training for: ScrumMaster Product Owner […]

Using Scrum at Home

Anyone else using Scrum at home? 🙂 It started as an afterthought. “Why don’t we use Scrum?” My wife, Jill, and I had been talking about the challenges that we had been having with homeschooling our two old kids, Katie and Ally. Assignments had been late, misunderstood, and sections missed. I was surprised when Jill was ready […]

Who Should Be The ScrumMaster

My name is Scott Dunn, Agile coach and trainer of Rocket Nine Solutions delivering agility here in the Southern California area. Today we will talk about implementing the ScrumMaster role or who should be the ScrumMaster. There are a couple of stories that I’d like to tell. Then we will circle back and break down what […]

Who Should Be the Product Owner?

The head of the PMO we are coaching through their agile adoption asked us last week who should become their Product Owner, since that is a new role for this company. They wanted to know who to send to the Certified Scrum Product Owner training class. We have seen several trends. Business Analysts Often, Business […]