Agile Coaching Services

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Agile Technical Practices Coaching

Is your team creating new software? Trying to refactor legacy code? Building in fast feedback loops? Need help implementing automated test driven development (ATDD)? How about continuous integration continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines? Our Agile Technical Coach coach can provide training and coaching so your team starts to deliver value sustainably and moves toward zero defect delivery.

Agile/Scrum Team Coaching

Trying to improve predictability and deliver on time? Challenge by delivering the highest value product backlog items in your sprint? Maybe your team is new to Scrum or maybe they just need to work out some kinks. Our Agile coach will observe and provide input based on your particular context. Get coaching for your Scrum master and Scrum team.

Individual Agile Coaching

Is it time for an agile tuneup in your organization? Do you have a sense that your teams are not in sync with what it means to be agile? Or do you scrum? An Agile assessment is a way of getting a broad view of where your pain points are as an organization. Identify the strong points and weak points for your organization. Get tailored guidance where you can grow and concrete steps on how to improve.

Program/Portfolio Agile Coaching

Are you in mid or upper management in a complex organization at the portfolio management level? Do you have to implement “Agile”? Maybe your company already tried an approach that didn’t result in the textbook promises being delivered. Program and portfolio management managers need a trusted coach to help them cultivate agility in their organization at all levels.

Executive and Leadership Agile Coaching

Are you an organizational leader, or executive that has been charged with transforming your organization? Executive Agile coaching could help you move the needle in transforming the culture and practices that are holding you back from success in the marketplace.

Product Coaching

Is your team shifting to a product or a value stream delivery model? Could you use some help on the finding that value stream? Identifying lean wastes and bottlenecks? Cultivating the Agile mindset? Work with our product coach to focus on how to deliver value customers love and that your team can sustain.

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