Southern California Agile Leadership Summit

Southern California Agile Leadership Summit

At Rocket Nine Solutions, we are excited to tell you about a special event we have coming up: our inaugural Southern California Agile Leadership Summit in Anaheim at the Disney Grand Californian on November 5, 2015.

Executive Support… or the Lack Thereof

The summit is an opportunity for coaches of agile transformations at companies as well as their leaders and stakeholders to come and hear sessions targeted just for them.

The number one problem we see with coaching clients is lack of executive support. From the executive side, they often don’t have training. It’s hard to support somebody you don’t fully understand. For people to truly be bought in, they often need to know what’s expected and that they can succeed.

In the summit what we’re hoping to do is put information and relationships in front of them in a community environment that will help them understand what’s expected and how they can succeed. That will go a long way toward helping the coaches.

My number one mistake…

…when I first started out was that I wasn’t involved in community. I often went weeks or months of hitting my head against a wall. When I would talk with others at a conference, they’d say, “Oh yeah don’t do that. I did that once and didn’t try that again.” Getting involved in community would go a long way to help you in your success. The role of the ScrumMaster or a coach in the organizations is challenging and full of areas like servant leadership and coaching and educating and evangelizing, that we could stand to learn a lot from other coaches as well.

At the Southern California Agile Leadership Summit we plan to surround you with folks that we’ve worked with and who have been successful, to hear their stories and help you parlay those into success for you and your organizations as well. Bringing together Coaches and the Stakeholders and sponsors so you can learn from other organizations how they have success. Agile transformation isn’t months, but often years of a journey.

Challenges and Wins

Some of the Challenges we expect to discuss include:

  • Scaling agile for very large programs with dozens or many dozens of teams
  • Agile and geographically distributed teams
  • Siloed pockets of knowledge
  • Agile and the matrixed environment

Here are some of the Big Wins other companies have had:

  • 400 or 500% improvement in productivity
  • Dropping a bug defect backlog by 90%
  • First to market features up 50%.

Learn from Others

There are real wins out there if we can tap into that and learn from others. The Summit is where you can have conversations around what this change will look like and hear people’s real stories and really try to leap frog and move forward quickly based on that. We often don’t know what our vision or our road map looks like for Agile adoption and transformation. This is chance for you to sit and do the work of mapping it out.

Who Should Come

Please consider coming to the Southern California Agile Leadership Summit. Bring those in the trenches such as your coaches or senior ScrumMasters as well as your guiding coalition, those of your peers who are also involved in success. It might be the head of the PMO, the head of development, the head of quality.

On a leadership level we will challenge leaders to do just that. Cast the Vision, show the shining light of the goal we’re trying to get to and rally folks behind you to get success on that. To be successful in our roles we need to know two things, what’s expected of us, and that we can succeed. We want to equip you to feel like you can be successful at just that. Please consider coming to the Southern California Agile Leadership Summit. It’s an event limited to only 50 people.

The Southern California Agile Leadership Summit will be held at the Disney Grand Californian on November 5, 2015.


The Southern California Agile Leadership Summit is sponsored by Scrum Alliance:

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