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Scrum Team Training Online – Intro to Agile and Scrum

This online course helps you baseline your entire team or management on Scrum and Agile. We cover the framework, roles, user stories, and product backlog in this short overview of Scrum worth 1 SEU (Scrum Alliance) or 1 PDU (PMI).

Career Kaizen Intro to Scrum and Agile methodology tutorial Career GrowthCareer Kaizen

Many of my students come out of the class excited, encouraged, inspired, and ready for action and to change the world. But besides the obvious basics of implementing Scrum (which we’ll get to), what else should you do? Sign up below for a weekly email detailing growth points for ScrumMasters.

agile methodology tutorial local orange county agile scrum user groupLocal Scrum/Agile Podcast – Agile Coffee hosted by Vic Bonacci

The Agile Coffee Podcast is hosted by our own Vic Bonacci (@AgileCoffee). Vic uses the lean coffee format to discuss topics about Lean/Agile and related methodologies with a variety of guests.

Local Agile Community and Meet-ups

Our Local Agile Community page lists a variety of local Agile conferences and user groups.

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Agile Transformation Checklist

Agile methodology tutorial Agile Transformation Checklist
Agile Transformation Checklist

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Agile Transformation Checklist

Please check out our post on How to Get Started with Scrum in my Company discussing the importance of leadership, strategy, and training when seeking to move forward with a true agile transformation at a large company.


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