certified scrum developer, extreme programming, agile technical practices, advanced agile training
Certified Scrum Developer

3 day Certified Scrum Developer course.

agile at scale inspired by Spotify, organization design, Spotify agile, advanced agile training
Agile at Scale, Inspired by Spotify

2 day Agile at Scale, Inspired by Spotify course.

design sprint training, sprint knapp, market testing, Design Sprint Bootcamp, how to run a design sprint
Design Sprint Bootcamp

1 day Design Sprint Bootcamp course.

agile leadership training, agile training
Certified Agile Leadership

2 day Certified Agile Leadership course.

large scale scrum training, agile training
Certified LeSS Practitioner

3 day Large Scale Scrum training with author Craig Larman.

scrum at scale training, agile training
Scrum@Scale Practitioner

2 day Scrum at Scale training certified by Scrum Inc.

kanban training, agile training
Team Kanban Practitioner

1 day Kanban training from Lean Kanban University.

coaching agile teams, agile training

Coaching Agile Teams

3 day Coaching Agile Teams class.

Scrum Master Coaching Cohort

Online Scrum Master Coaching Cohort

This three month Online Scrum Master Coaching Cohort provides everything you need to advance in your practice of guiding a Scrum team. This live online conference call cohort is designed to help Scrum Alliance certified Scrum Masters to grow with the guidance of an experienced coach and with the support of a group of growth-minded peers…




We regularly host a wide variety of agile training including Certified Large Scale Scrum training (LeSS), Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), Certified Agile Leadership (CAL), Kanban Training (TKP), Agile at Scale, Inspired by SpotifyScrum at Scale training (S@S), and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) workshops via our partners. Through these advanced and innovative training classes, you will gain the knowledge necessary to help your product development teams mature to higher levels of performance, help managers with their new roles and responsibilities in an agile, and help lead an enterprise agile transformation by leveraging either the Large Scale Scrum framework and it’s principles and guides, or the Scaled Agile Framework and its underlying principles of lean thinking, and product development flow represented with the Agile Release Train at the program level. The scaling agile approaches, agile leadership tools, and coaching paradigm and tools benefit teams, Scrum Masters, management and leadership’s support for deeper understanding of what agile is, how to do it, and what agile management and an agile manager looks like.