Lots of product development teams are asking how to run a Design Sprint. Now’s your chance to go through a 1 day Design Sprint training Bootcamp.

Learn the Design Sprint process from Design Sprint Facilitator Jason LaManque. In one interactive, fast-paced day, you will experience a hands-on simulation of a real Design Sprint.
From mapping, sketching, and deciding, to prototyping and testing, you’ll learn to master each step by actually doing it.

What’s a Design Sprint?

design sprint training, market testing, Design Sprints are a proven, repeatable process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products or services, or improving existing ones. It compresses months of work into just a few days. Design Sprints help validate your new service or product idea quickly and effectively so you can focus on giving your customers what they truly want.

What Will I Get From This Design Sprint training Bootcamp?

Design Sprints are a Google Ventures game plan for figuring out if a new feature or service will wow customers or not by utilizing design-thinking principles coupled with lean and agile methodologies to deliver a high-fidelity, user-tested prototype. In this session Jason LaManque will instruct participants on the why’s and how’s of Design Sprints. The majority of the day will be a hands-on bootcamp on how to implement Design Sprints with a product.

Who Should Attend Jason’s Design Sprint Bootcamp?

Really anyone who wants to create solutions and develop products and services better and faster, especially:

Rocket Nine Solutions’ courses are taught interactively. This Design Sprint Bootcamp will be an in-depth, hands-on opportunity to put together a high fidelity, user-tested prototype.

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