Inspired by Spotify? Take the Agile Organizational Design Course!

How would you build an organization that embodies Agility at scale and releases the power of small self-organizing teams? After this two-day Agile At Scale, Inspired by Spotify training you will have numerous examples and inspiration from how Spotify grew a dynamic learning organization that ceaselessly fortifies a high-trust culture and supports engaged autonomous teams.

Joakim Sundén, the instructor of the training, has deep experience actually coaching at Spotify and have been engaged with developing several of the ideas of “the Spotify Model”. During this training Joakim shares his encounters and perspectives as an independent agile coach and trainer, not as an agent of Spotify. “The Spotify Model” of Agile at scale has been getting an astonishing measure of consideration in the agile community since it was first shared generally in 2012. The Spotify Engineering Culture videos have in excess of 800,000 views. It was never proposed as a structure or a model, it was only a contextual analysis of the Spotify method for working at the time. Still a substantial number of companies have persisted in imitating or copying the model, many times without understanding what it was optimized for, what challenges it brings or how Spotify has adjusted and kept on developing in the years since.

Listen to Joakim Sunden discuss the Agile at Scale, Inspired by Spotify course with Rocket Nine Solutions’ Vic Bonacci.

In the Agile At Scale, Inspired by Spotify course, you will gain a profound and broad understanding of how Spotify functions under the hood. With this more informed understanding you will have the capacity to see more alternatives on the most proficient method to enhance your organizational design concerning your specific circumstances and limits. You will realize why Spotify settled on the choices they made, what options were considered, which changes were deliberate and which ones were emergent, etc. We will investigate the fundamental standards and additionally go into particular practices and systems. You will discover: how Spotify harmonizes strategic business alignment with small autonomous teams; Spotify’s approach to leadership and growing leaders; how they cultivate innovation;  the values and beliefs that shape the Spotify culture, and a whole lot more.

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Example topics covered in the course:


The objective of this Agile At Scale, Inspired by Spotify course is to give tangible examples of how to make an extraordinary work environment that allows for Agility at scale. Participants will walk away inspired with thoughts on the most proficient method to reorganize their corporate structure to increase employee engagement and take advantage of the power of small autonomous teams.

This Agile At Scale, Inspired by Spotify course is for…


Basic knowledge in Agile principles and practices, e.g., experience with Scrum, will help you better understand some of the content.

Essential learning in Agile standards and practices, e.g., involvement with Scrum, will enable you to all the more likely see a portion of the substance.

Here are some quotes from participants to previous trainings:

“I literally woke up at 2:00 am thinking of how I can affect change in my company and couldn’t fall back to sleep”
“Great content that covers all aspects”
“Authentic real insights from someone who actually worked at Spotify”
“Great to learn about all examples on how to support the autonomous squad”
“I cannot wait to start thinking what I will apply/tweak/convert/…”
“Great combo of theory, examples and exercises”
“Love the energy and enthusiasm of the teachers”

Trainer – Joakim Sunden

Other Agile Scaling Approaches:

Large Scale Scrum – LeSS

Scaled Agile Framework – SAFe


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