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    The agile coach training should help Scrum masters, agile managers, agile leadership and others involved in agile adoption or agile transformations in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and other Southern California communities.

    icAgile Certified Professional - Agile CoachingOne of the roles of the Scrum Master is to be a coach for the Scrum team or teams. But how do we do that? This workshop explores the mindset, roles and stance of the coach. Often Scrum masters mentor (instruct on how to do something), but don’t coach (help the other discover what the best options or solution is themselves).

    Part of the significance of coaching is being aware of yourself in order to set that aside and serve the person being coached – what are their goals, how do they feel about the situation, what do they think could be done and what the outcomes could be. The significance of this is that they then act in accord with their own beliefs and opinions, being both authentic and fully bought-in to the work to be done.

    In my own experience as a coach (and now a Certified Enterprise Coach), I have found that the most success with agile teams, management, leadership and other key roles was from the one-on-one’s, retrospectives and other feedback moments where, through questions, curiosity, non-bias and being centered on their agenda instead of mine, they walked away with insights, understanding and plans for actions that truly moved them, their teams and their organization forward.