This three month Online Scrum Master Coaching Cohort provides everything you need to advance in your practice of guiding a Scrum team. This live online conference call cohort is designed to help Scrum Alliance certified Scrum Masters to grow with the guidance of an experienced coach and with the support of a group of growth-minded peers.

As coaches who have been in the trenches ourselves as Scrum Masters, we know how challenging it can be to deal with different personalities on teams, baffling team dynamics, pressure from management and stakeholders, and lack of alignment, clarity, and results from all areas.

We have helped hundreds of Scrum Masters, from brand new to deeply experienced, with areas of their own growth and effectiveness, influence, soft skills, systems thinking, and knowledge gaps of agile practices, scaling and leading change.

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We will be holding weekly online video conference calls, with a new cohort session kicking off each quarter.

The Online Scrum Master Coaching Cohort will cover the most salient issues of the participants with a blend of user-generated topics as well as typical problem areas like coaching the Product Owner,  Scaling Agile, User Story Mapping, Distributed Teams, Agile Adoption and Transformation, “Agile Project Management,” getting leadership and management support, and more.

What past customers have to say about Rocket Nine Solutions...

"Scott’s attentiveness to our needs and always being willing to listen to our stories and our concerns. All the guys at Rocket9 make it enjoyable to grow our knowledge..."

"Great facilitation. Like a short story theory: every piece contributed to the delivery. Every piece I needed and wanted to understand, adopt and apply. So there. 😊"

    Online Scrum Master Coaching Cohort Leaders

    The Rocket Nine Solutions coaches leading the Online Scrum Master Coaching Cohort have decades of experience as full-time ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, and a variety of other roles in product development. They hold advanced Scrum Alliance certifications as well as additional certifications in Large Scale Scrum, Scrum@Scale, Scaled Agile Framework, Lean Kanban University, Pragmatic Marketing, Project Management, and more. They have worked in organizations at all levels and have a heart to see Agile leaders grow in their workplaces.

    Cliff Rosa, CSP-SM, CLP, TKP, P2AP. Scrum master and trainer with a focus on aligning stakeholders and team members on the journey of delivering valuable products and services at a sustainable pace.
    scrum master coaching cohort Scott Dunn
    Scott Dunn, CEC, CST Agile coach and trainer who is passionate about helping people and organizations find and take their next steps.
    Bob Gnewuch Agile Coach Product Owner Rocket Nine Solutions
    Bob Gnewuch, CSP-PO, CSP-SM, CAL-O Agile coach skilled at applying Agile Methods to Product Management, managing a portfolio of traditional projects, or leading a cross functional team of internal staff and vendor partners.

    If you need assistance, please contact Cliff Rosa at or call 714-699-4679.