Test Driven Development Slows Us Down?

I hear from teams and their managers that Test Driven Development (TDD) is taking them longer than their usual development practice. That’s not been my experience at all. But I can see where some may get the impression that TDD is slower. Let’s say we’re writing some code for a new feature. And it takes […]

The Anchor Slowing Down Your Product Development

Great product. Smart Product Owner. Great marketing and sales. So why are you slowly losing market share over the last few years? Technical debt. Technical what? It’s like credit card debt – you can pay now or pay later, but you’ll pay a lot more later. And if you’re like most companies, you’re paying a lot […]

You’re as Agile as Your Code Base

Problems I see fairly regularly are tied to the code base and development team practices. You might have a Lousy Code Base if… Scrum calls for building a potentially shippable product increment every sprint, but if team members (and worse, teams) integrate late in the sprint, it’s going to be problematic. “What’s QA doing the […]