Your Culture Is What’s on Your Walls

Three colleges, in three states, in three days. We were on a trip to find the right college for my daughter Ally. But how could we know what was the right fit for her? Or, similarly, how do you choose the right job? How does your company attract talent in a competitive marketplace? Some of […]

Career Kaizen #6 – 5 Agile Sayings to Empower Team Success

5 Agile Sayings to Empower Team Success Monday – The Wisdom of And When I worked at BigVisible, one of their coach’s conference themes was “The Wisdom of And.” This is drawn from Jim Collins work when he talks about the wisdom of “and” and the tyranny of the “or”. The point is that there […]

Career Kaizen #5 – 5 Days of Leadership

5 Days of Leadership Monday – Level 5 Leadership Most agree leadership is important, but there are many definitions out there. Are you a leader? Do you have leadership in you? The ScrumMaster role is often described as a servant leader, so it’s worth some focused time on it. One of the classic business books […]