Starting Kanban – The Key Idea

Kanban Distinctive A unique distinctive of Kanban is how you get started. It is unlike in other Agile methods or frameworks and is central to how you start using the Kanban method effectively. “Start with what you do now.” Starting with what you do now is the first of three Kanban change management principles. This […]

Are you considering moving from Scrum to Kanban?

Why evaluate Kanban? Are you considering moving from Scrum to Kanban? Let’s explore that a bit. Kanban is known as an Agile way of working. You may have heard the description of Agile being an umbrella with multiple approaches to work being under this broad umbrella. This list, under the big umbrella, often includes Scrum, […]

Agile Coffee Podcast on Kanban

The latest Agile Coffee podcast #63 from Vic Bonacci and Larry Lawhead focused on the topic of Kanban.  Van Wray, an Accredited Kanban Trainer, walks through the differences of Kanban and Scrum and how to apply it in other areas of the business including the role of a Scrum Master in Kanban. Lots of great […]