Product-Centric and Customer-Focused: Agile Mentor’s Podcast – Episode 14

In August, Scott was interviewed by Brian Milner on the Agile Mentors Podcast brought to you by training partner Mountain Goat Software. Product-Centric and Customer-Focused As someone who works in the product development space, terms such as product-centric and customer-focused are likely heard during meetings or while conversing with colleagues, managers, marketing analysts, and product […]

Certified Agile Leadership Training Questions and Answers

Who should take the Certified Agile Leadership course (CAL I)? Looking for a Certified Agile Leadership course in Southern California? Click Here.   What is the value of taking the Certified Agile Leadership course?   Why take the Certified Agile Leadership course?   Related Content Certified Agile Leadership

Getting Married, Acting Single – Agile Adoption Without Organizational Change

I’m warning you, this is a long one… I just had yet another meeting with executives in the middle of an agile adoption who felt their project managers were fighting for their individual PM projects (and PM’s were compensated to do so), but the execs knew that the individual projects weren’t equally important. Worse for their strategy, the PM’s […]

Agile Adoption Preparation Signals Future Success

Agile Adoption Preparation I’ve recently been coaching at a company, and I’ve seen the most impressive agile adoption preparation ever. And we haven’t even “started” yet. “Normal” Agile Adoption Preparation Most companies call us in to help kick-off their agile adoption, but they have: Already decided on the approach (Scrum) and details (sprint length, day of […]