Why take the LeSS class?

Craig Larman has made it his mission to reduce suffering in product development. Craig Larman and Bas Vodde co-founded Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) as a comprehensive approach to scaling Scrum. In this video, Craig answers, Why take the LeSS class?

Why take the LeSS class?

You may be asking, “Why take the LeSS class? Why should I take the Certified Large Scale Scrum Practitioner class? LeSS seems relatively simple. What could we possibly learn over a three day period?”


One of the big ideas of LeSS is that people need to own their ideas, and own their process instead of renting it. LeSS is quite simple but it has some very deep ideas in it. In order to understand those ideas in a way that we own them rather than rent them, we need to explore together the question, “Why?” very deeply. Using techniques for example, like, systems modeling that you might see on the wall in the video. This is the slow but interesting work of exploring very deeply what the forces in organizational design and product development are, and why we want to set things up in a particular way. This deep thinking simply takes time.

Craig has been helping groups adopt LeSS for over the last decade. Over those years Craig has developed a set of patterns and suggestions on how to make it go more smoothly, and also there’s just a lot of contextual situational questions that people probably have.

LeSS Large Scale Scrum Why take the LeSS classPlease join us for a LeSS class, not only to explore very deeply why, but maybe to take advantage of Craig’s experience and suggestions based upon the patterns of what seems to work or what doesn’t, to make it more likely that you’ll be successful in your adoption of LeSS. If you interested, we’d like to invite you to take a LeSS course with us here in Southern California. Or if you live out of the area, you can find Large Scale Scrum classes at LeSS.works. Looking forward to seeing you.

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