Friday 5 PM Release Anxiety

How would your Scrum team feel if asked to release on a Friday at 5 PM?


Mitch Lacey posed this question yesterday, and it really struck me.

I always assumed the team wouldn’t like a late Friday push because that meant someone will have to stay up late and/or over the weekend for production problems.

What is your confidence level in your code base?

One tool that helps is Test-Driven Development, covered in the Certified Scrum Developer workshop.

Quiz – See if you can or your dev team can answer these learning objectives from the class:

Test Driven Development (TDD)

  1. Explain test-first as a design and development approach and list three benefits.
  2. List at least three differences between “traditional” and “agile” testing.
  3. Explain the importance of refactoring in the TDD cycle.
  4. Describe at least three qualities of a good agile testing approach.

If not, you’re missing out on the part of the solution to the Friday 5 PM worry and risk.

You can find out the next dates for the CSD workshop here –

Also, check out Paul’s popular TDD video that debunks the myth that “TDD slows us down” [YouTube link]

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