Who should take the LeSS class?

Who should take the LeSS class?

Craig Larman has made it his mission to reduce suffering in product development. Craig Larman and Bas Vodde co-founded Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) as a comprehensive approach to scaling Scrum. In this video, Craig answers, “Who should take the LeSS class?”

Top Down

Sometimes people ask Craig, “Who should consider taking the LeSS course?” In LeSS, one of the principles for adoption is top down and bottom up. This means that we need more senior managers at the training. These are people who have the authority to actually be involved in changing the organizational design: changing policies, groups, roles and so forth.

Bottom Up

At the same time, Large Scale Scrum can’t just be pushed from the top, because then you get people who are prisoners of the change. This will result in people having no sense of engagement and, of course, it’s ultimately the real, hands-on workers that are going to experience this new way of doing work.

Conversely, a LeSS transformation needs to be bottom up, as well, which means it needs to be people like hands-on developers and middle managers, and basically, everybody involved in the change.

Heavy on Leaders

LeSS Large Scale Scrum Who should take the LeSS class?Without a doubt, a Large Scale Scrum training needs to include more senior folks, because we’re talking not about a practice, but in LeSS, we’re talking about a change in the organizational design, and that must involve more senior folks.

Craig and Bas look forward to people hungry for real change joining them in a LeSS course sometime in the future. Take a look at LeSS.works for a set of course listings.

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