Did Management Think Scrum Was a Gym Membership?

management think scrumDoes your management think scrum is a gym membership?

Deciding to use Scrum is a transforming decision.

We have people say that they want their kids to go to traditional public school so that their kids can participate in sports. The general reason is because it changes the kid. The structure and goals of the game, the rules, the individual piece you play and try to master, and all the practicing can have a profound effect on a person.

I say this because some companies decide to use Scrum, but with an attitude of doing a set, individual exercise program, and not a team sport.

Consider the difference of these two scenarios. If I’m going to the gym from 4 PM – 5 PM, what I’ll do is up to me. Sure, I know there’s recommendations, but in the end, I’ll do what I want. I’ll do, or not do, some exercises. I might shave a few reps off of some exercise that’s “too hard.” I might skip certain days.

On the other hand, If I show up to team practice from 4 PM – 5 PM, do I get to decide what I’ll do? What I’ll do is not solely up to me, because I’m part of a team and listen to the coach. What about if I have a bad attitude, am slacking, or decide to leave early? There’s going to be a problem.

Those deciding their company will be agile or use Scrum should realize that it’s not something that they’re checking off, but an experience that they’re entering into that will change them, their structure of how work flows to the teams, the teams, and the team members themselves. And being changed is actually the reason we have our kids join the team, not so that our kid runs faster, makes fewer mistakes, or gets done earlier. Those are nice additional benefits, but not the goal.

If your company has started off with your management thinking scrum was a minor change, consider getting a private training with us to get everyone on board for a true agile transformation. You might also consider some of the approaches I discuss in one of my posts on getting management support for agile:

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