Scrum Team Training Essential for Buy-in

Scrum Team Training - Rocket Nine Agile Scrum Certification Class - 30Scrum Team Training is Essential for Buy-in

Team Not Bought In? Train Them.

As we coach organizations, I come across a common problem of team members not bought into Scrum, resisting the changes or having a negative attitude towards them. Every time, those members had no Scrum team training.

But consider how you would feel if someone above said you “had” to do something, but never walked you through it, or even asked what you thought about it? The book Influencer by Joseph Grenny explains that for people to take on change, they need two things – understanding what’s being asked of them, and confidence they can do it. Without Scrum team training for each of your team members, it’s unlikely they’ll feel that way, and they’ll understandably resist it.

The Value of a Place to Ask Questions

Scrum team training creates a space for members to ask questions. Regardless of the response, I find that most people that ask questions don’t need to be right, so much as they need to be heard. Even a response of “I don’t know the answer to that, but it’s a good question. I’ll look into it and get back to you.” goes a long way toward feeling valued and respected, and being more likely to follow the lead.

One Option for Scrum Team Training


Maybe you don’t feel comfortable providing Scrum team training yourself, or you don’t have the budget to bring someone in. One option that we’ve provided is an overview course on Front Row Agile. Team members can do it on their own, or you can bring them together for a couple Scrum team training meetings to go through it and discuss. Some teams go through a section of a video during a lunch (provided, of course!) once a week for several weeks. There are other great video courses on Front Row Agile, too, on coaching, management and more.

Whatever your approach, we see that the best teams, ScrumMasters and organizations are always learning. Run an experiment, and find what works for you.


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