Automating Agile Processes

Melvin Laguren presented on Automating Agile Processes at Scrum Day OC in March 2015

An important part of making agility a reality in development work is automating Agile processes.

We need to put in place practices, such as:

  • Relentless Refactoring
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration

Certified Scrum Developer Automating Agile processesDevelopers get hands-on experience with all these agile practices and more at Certified Scrum Developer training.

Some IT directors, product owners and project managers wonder about how the Certified Scrum Developer Training will help their development teams. Maybe the delivery team has not broken out of the mold of Dev and QA. Will this course give them a new mindset? Will they begin to move away from iteration as a mini-waterfall to an iteration covering quality testing and development together?
The Certified Scrum Developer class is all about equipping developers with the technical skills and cross functional team practices to integrate QA into the development process.
The core practice learning objectives for the course include the following which directly apply to the case described above.
In the CSD course, participants not only discuss the truly cross-functional and iterative mindset needed by highly-responsive Agile teams; but practice those engineering disciplines required for that mindset to become a reality.
In order to reduce defects so testers can better spend their time on the most valuable testing practices, we have TDD.
In order to reduce large batches of software to test, we have CI.

And, at the heart of these practices, we have refactoring, which lets us reshape code to handle the new and innovative features.

The Certified Scrum Developer training class also discusses (and possibly implements) acceptance-testing (ATDD) aka storytesting aka one aspect of Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

Rocket Nine Solutions founder Scott Dunn discusses the Certified Scrum Developer training class in a video found here.

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