Why take Certified Scrum Developer Training

Why take Certified Scrum Developer Training

We’re hosting the Certified Scrum Developer Training throughout Southern California. Why take Certified Scrum Developer Training? Co-founder of Scrum, Ken Schwaber, said, “Scrum will fail without those developer practices within Scrum.” Now, Scrum doesn’t necessarily tell you how to do the work, but what we look to a lot is the XP, or Extreme Programming practices, and the reason this is so important is, we’re changing the way we’re working on Scrum to quickly deliver value. Now, we can deliver shoddy value or really great value. We’re looking for how do we do that really well. Everything from knowledge silos that he’s the only one that knows that, or what do we do with the dev/QA way that they work, and how they get them to work together. A lot of that’s covered in this class. We’re looking at practices you might have heard of, but we haven’t got a chance to actually hands-on learn. Such as test-driven development, continuous integration, relentless refactoring, pair programming … These are all key to how do we make this work really well within that scrum context, moving focus from being experts to more generalist and sharing the knowledge around.

Why take Certified Scrum Developer TrainingNow, my experience as a manager, and I used to be a developer, is you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. If I’m the developer, I don’t have time right now to try out these new practices. And the truth is, we might have to slow down to speed up later. So if I was a developer, I get it, we need to guide you to hands-on, not with the book learning. Hands-on is the best way of learning. The doing is the learning. The Certified Scrum Developer Training class will focus on hands-on. Your computers will be up within an hour, and you’ll be methodically working through Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and Regression Testing.

For the managers, keep in mind we want to support Scrum and how teams work, and allow people to share that knowledge that’s going to give you more fungibility of resources, allow teams that really can support themselves whatever the workers have to do, even when they change technology or use tools. With the learning as they go and the way that shares that knowledge. These are the ways and techniques we do them, and suggesting and telling it isn’t nearly as effective as getting a sit down with an expert, guiding them through these tools and techniques to do this hands-on. So, Why take Certified Scrum Developer Training? There’s a lot of value in there that’s going to continue to only grow as you take some folks back and that knowledge gets shared in your organization. We really encourage you to look at it. You, your teams, your organizations. We want to help you find and take your next step. Good luck to you on your journey.

Scott Dunn with Rocket Nine Solutions in Orange County, Southern California, offers Certified Scrum Master Training, Product Owner Training, and other agile training and coaching.

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