Should the Scrum Master take Product Owner Training?


Should a Scrum Master take Product Owner Training?

Now there’s a couple of things that I’ve seen that have been very good experiences that I think warrant a look at that.  So in a very large media organization in the Bay Area we had lots of Scrum Masters coming to the training who were then coming to the product owner training as well, why?
certified scrum product owner Scrum Master take Product Owner TrainingBecause lots of times the product owners aren’t coming to the training because they are busy or don’t understand the need or something like that. Now ScrumMasters acting as coach is I think this as perfect. They’ll build and coach them along the way as to touch points on how to write good user stories, where’s the vision for this, how do we help prioritize with them. So if we act as a coach to the product owner, I think that’s wonderful. Even as the product owner still comes, I think there’s a lot of value if you’re looking at it in the long term and beginning in the certified Scrum professional level and above then I think there’s lots of tool in the toolbox that I find useful again and again and again on the value of this. Keep in mind there’s over 300,000 certified Scrum Masters and not quite 60,000 at this point Certified Scrum Master Product Owners. So there’s a gap there which I think makes a Scrum Master take Product Owner Training to help fill that gap by taking those tools back to their workplace and into the marketplace as a whole.
Secondly, I think it adds a lot of empathy to the challenges the product owner faces and how to help them succeed in that way too. So it gives us a much better picture on all the Scrum framework holistically and the key role to the product owner who is called the ‘Linch Pin’ by Ken Schwaber in this process. We want to watch out for.
So I hope these couple of tips are good for you and helpful as you make a decision with what you’re looking at. Please keep us in mind when you’re looking at training and hopefully we can help you identify taking your next steps on your journey. So along these lines, good luck on your journey! Thank you.
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