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We are proud to collaborate with respected and experienced Certified Scrum Professional practitioners both locally and across the nation, helping with agile coaching and training.

Bob Gnewuch Agile Coach Product Owner Rocket Nine Solutions

Bob Gnewuch

I am skilled at drawing the essence out of broad ideas and concepts, clarifying goals and desired benefits, and focusing the efforts of teams to realize value and meet or exceed those goals. Whether it’s applying Agile Methods, managing a portfolio of traditional projects, or leading a cross functional team of internal staff and vendor partners, there are common concepts to apply and adapt to each situation and client. For my direct clients, I apply coaching and mentoring skills honed across all aspects of my life, and naturally integrated into our shared efforts.

It’s about focus, respect, collaboration, and empowering motivated teams toward a common vision. This takes frequent communication, transparency, trust, and minimal unpleasant surprises. It’s also about flexibility, thinking on your feet, and making the best of challenging situations when the unknown suddenly becomes known. I bring calm, direction, and clear thinking in the midst of chaos.

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Paul Moore certified agile leadership training agile transformation success

Paul Moore

Paul first started delivering software using agile methods in 2000 as a developer on an Extreme Programming team. He has hands-on experience using these techniques in a variety of tech stacks and industries. His client companies range from single-team start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprise transformations with over ninety active agile teams. He has also applied these techniques with many agile approaches including Scrum, Kanban, and Scaling frameworks. His passion is to coach development teams to build working software with technical excellence.

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Scott Dunn

I am a Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer and am passionate about working with individuals, teams and stakeholders to grasp the win of agile, empowering teams and leveraging their strengths.

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Andy Cleff, Agile Coach

Andy Cleff

Andy Cleff is an experienced and pragmatic Agile practitioner that takes teams beyond “getting” Agile to embracing Agile.

His superpowers include holding multiple perspectives, enabling step changes that bridge current and future states, allowing space for both order and chaos simultaneously, celebrating success, and foremost, putting the people at the top of the priority list.

His chief weapons are well-asked questions, insightful retrospectives and an ability to withstand awkward silences.

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Ben-White Background

Ben Rodlitz

Ben Rodilitz, Certified Scrum Professional, CAL-1, SAFe Program Consultant, and PMP, started his agile journey teaching Patterns of Problem Solving at UCLA. After a short detour (30 years) of software development and traditional project management positions in aerospace, financial and navigation companies, Ben started facilitating software development/delivery using Agile/Scrum in 2009 and has not looked back. His most recent postings have been as an Agile Coach in agile transformations at start-ups, mid-sized, Fortune 15 companies (Google, Chevron, and AT&T), and Space Force.

He is currently working with Rocket Nine helping companies and their teams improve their agility. Ben’s approach is reinforced by his experience with Training from the BACK of the ROOM, Path to Agility, and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS).

Ben has been a featured speaker/panelist at numerous global and local Agile and PMI gatherings.

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Vic Bonacci Agile Coach and Trainer

Victor Bonacci

“Agile has changed my life.

Early in his career, Vic owned a restaurant, taught English in Japan, and worked on films in Los Angeles. He began webmastering for the auto industry in Detroit before becoming a back end Java developer using XP practices at the University of Michigan’s Hospital. Vic relocated to California in 2002 to earn his MBA (USC) in Technology Management while working at Sony Pictures, then worked as a project manager for Panasonic.

Since 2011, Vic has worked only in Scrum / agile implementations. He has managed staff, facilitated large groups (75+), trained over 500 workshop attendees, and presented to thousands. Vic says that Agile has changed his life, allowing him to be the most effective, passionate and happy he’s ever been over his long and winding career path.

Vic hosts the Agile Coffee podcast and is an Agile coach, facilitator and Certified Scrum Trainer. He lives in Tustin with his wife and daughter.”

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Cliff Rosa Scrum Master Agile Consultant Rocket Nine Solutions

Cliff Rosa

I work with teams using Scrum to organize their work. I focus on aligning stakeholders and team members on the journey of delivering valuable products and services at a sustainable pace. I observe, provide feedback, work toward continuous improvement for Scrum teams and individual contributors.

As part of Rocket Nine Solutions’ strategy to offer the gamut of training in the field of product development, I work with some of the best and brightest Scrum, XP, Kanban, LeSS, and Business Agility trainers on the planet to bring their courses to market for both public and private audiences.

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Need Coaching?

Questions about what coaching is and how it can help? We’d be glad to meet with you or join a call with your teams and/or leadership to answer questions and share stories of what we’ve seen, both good and bad, when companies try to enter in or take their next step with agile. More and more, we’ve seen multiple attempts met with challenge, resistance and struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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We are better together. Rocket Nine Solutions teams with other independent certified scrum professional practitioners both locally and across the nation.

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