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We are proud to collaborate with respected and experienced Certified Scrum Professional practitioners both locally and across the nation, helping with agile coaching and training.

Vic Bonacci Agile Coach and TrainerVictor Bonacci

“Agile has changed my life.

“I started my career as a filmmaker, then worked a few years as a teacher before moving into software development. I grew into project management roles, but working as an Agile coach, facilitator and trainer is clearly the “sweet spot” where I am most effective, passionate and happy.

“I practice mindfulness, try to model Agile values, and work to meet people’s needs.”

Check out Vic’s Agile Coffee podcast, join his online Agile Coffee meetup, or visit him on twitter or LinkedIn

Paul Moore Agile Technical Coach and Trainer host of Agile SoCalPaul Moore

Paul first started delivering software using agile methods in 2000 as a developer on an Extreme Programming team. He has hands-on experience using these techniques in a variety of tech stacks and industries. His client companies range from single-team start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprise transformations with over ninety active agile teams. He has also applied these techniques with many agile approaches including Scrum, Kanban, and Scaling frameworks. His passion is to coach development teams to build working software with technical excellence.

Connect with Paul on LinkedIn or twitter, and join his online Agile SoCal Meetup

Larry Lawhead

Passionate Agilist with a love for coaching, mentoring and organizational transformation. Huge fan of Lean, LeSS, Theory of Constraints, systems thinking and of course the Toyota Production System. Avid learner. Deeply influenced by the works of Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, Eliyahu Goldratt, Jeff Patton, James Womack, Craig Larman and countless others. Active in both the PMI and Agile communities in Southern California.

There is simply no ‘one-size-fits-all‘ for the right organization model. Each organization needs to (re)design for what fits them best.


Van Wray Kanban/Agile Consultant Coach and TrainerVan Wray

Guide the development of new training and services at Rocket Nine Solutions. Constantly on the look out for how to help teams and organizations through the agile journey.
Software moved from being additive to being a multiplier. “Adding” software and technology is no longer enough. “Multiplying” the value, reach, and impact of organizations through software solutions is the opportunity. It is the promise and peril we all face.

My focus is to help individuals, teams, and organizations realize that promise. That is what I practice, study, and never tire learning about.



Cody Fletcher Agile Technical Coach and TrainerCody Fletcher

Cody coaches and trains teams on agile technical practices. He’s passionate about helping teams get the quality and adaptability necessary for true technical agility.

Cody: “I love startups, awesome people, creating new software products, collaborating, maximizing teams and continuously learning.”



Need Coaching?

Questions about what coaching is and how it can help? We’d be glad to meet with you or join a call with your teams and/or leadership to answer questions and share stories of what we’ve seen, both good and bad, when companies try to enter in or take their next step with agile. More and more, we’ve seen multiple attempts met with challenge, resistance and struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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    We are better together. Rocket Nine Solutions teams with other independent certified scrum professional practitioners both locally and across the nation.

    Aaron Sanders: This Agile Guy



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