Scrum Master Training in San Diego

This two day Certified Scrum Master training in San Diego provides everything you need to get started with Scrum. Scrum is the largest and fastest-growing Agile approach, and a simple framework of interrelated practices and rules, is not overly prescriptive and enables more effective teams almost immediately.

Our courses are taught interactively. Students will learn hands-on via teams, a simulations, discussions, numerous exercises and fun.

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Online CSM® classes taught by trainers certified by the Scrum Alliance® provide the best Scrum certifications.

Scrum master training in San Diego covers the Agile Manifesto, Scrum Values, Scrum Framework, Product Backlog, User Stories, Story Point Estimation (Planning Poker), Scrum Meetings and Scrum Roles. Other additional topics often include Scaling Agile, Distributed Teams, Agile Adoption and Transformation, “Agile Project Management,” getting leadership and management support, and more.

There are many techniques and practices that can help a ScrumMaster perform their role effectively and successfully. This is one of the few CSM workshops that will explore many of these techniques and practices through hands on simulations while keeping Agile’s values and principles in the spotlight!

Being a great ScrumMaster goes well beyond helping to facilitate the Scrum activities. Success depends on teamwork and teams, impediment identification and removal, collaboration, focus and continuous improvement.

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About Rocket Nine

As one of the largest and fastest-growing agile frameworks, Scrum is a simple, yet powerful way to manage product requirements, elevate quality, and accelerate project delivery. One of the key roles in Scrum is that of ScrumMaster, the person tasked with helping the Scrum Team and organization find success through teamwork, focus, collaboration and continuous improvement.