The worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic has certainly disrupted our work lives. At Rocket Nine, we’ve been working remotely and with distributed teams for the past decade, so we’ve got some experience getting people up and running with remote meetings and work-from-home situations.

How to Work from Home

The most common questions we’ve gotten in the past week center How to Begin Working from Home.

We’ll address the following topics and give tips for working from home:

Before diving in, we want to share that others have great advice (for example, Joy’s thread below). We’ll be adding links to what other work-from-home professionals are sharing.

online meeting formats

Consider what the purpose of the meeting is. Are you holding a planning meeting or brainstorming session? Is it a simple status meeting? Do you need to teach or convey info (eg. webinar, presentation, etc.)?

reliable and robust wifi

close is best…

choosing a communications tools

If your organization already has a standard, than you may not have a choice in the matter…

finding space in your home

Not all spaces are equal…

camera setup

let’s make sure you look professional

what about audio

Being clearly heard is vital.

lighting and background

Sometimes you can simply open up the laptop and get online; other times you might have a bit more setup before going live. If you have laundry hanging behind you.

how to facilitate an online meeting

what other facilitation tools to use

online etiquette

mixing remote with on-site

how to keep an online audience engaged

keep yourself healthy

recording your session for later viewing


One of our friends in the Agile Coaching space is Mark Kilby who has been documenting his work with distributed teams. Mark has teamed up with Johanna Rothman to write their book From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams.

Another terrific person to follow is Lisette Sutherland who runs Collaboration Superpowers and also has a book.