Welcome to TSMG, the place for Scrum Masters

First of all, who are you?

  • Are you a NEW Scrum Master? Maybe you’re anxious about supporting your team and organization. Or you’re frustrated that not all things are going as you’d expected.
  • Maybe you’re an EXPERIENCED Scrum Master who’s been around the block and scored a number of successes. You might be looking for new tricks or want to share your perspectives.
  • Or perhaps you’re NOT YET a Scrum Master, curiously looking in from the outside, wondering what this Scrum thing is all about.

If you’re any of the above (and even if these don’t describe you) — Welcome! You’re in the right place. We’re putting this resource together for you to get the knowledge to become more confident and successful as a Scrum Master, whatever your level.

TSMG is a video playlist of short, focused segments.

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01 – Wecome to TSMG (link)