Drawing Rules

These drawing rules apply to all drawings held by Rocket Nine Solutions unless otherwise specified in the invitation or drawing sign up document.

  1. Rocket Nine solutions drawing rulesParticipants must be 18 years or older to enter.
  2. Participants may only enter one time per person.
  3. Participants must be reside within the United States (no international shipping, sorry)
  4. If drawing includes a survey, only respondents with completed surveys will be considered for the drawing.
  5. Drawings will be held at the end of the month the drawing invitation is distributed.
  6. Winner will be notified by email.
  7. Winner may be announced publicly via email newsletter, video or other means.
  8. Conversations with the winner regarding the drawing my be recorded for promotional purposes.
  9. Rocket Nine Solutions retains the right to use all video, audio, and contact information collected during the drawing for marketing, commercial, or other business purposes. Participation in the event constitutes a media release. Participants agree to allow Rocket Nine Solutions to use likeness, and all materials associated with the contest in any of their public relations, press, screenings, products, and online presence.