Rocket Nine offers Instructor-Led, Online Scrum Training.

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or anywhere else, keep your learning goals moving forward with the same top-notch instructor-led training that you have come to expect from our in-person courses. These online Scrum training classes are delivered live, in real-time, through the Zoom platform. We’ve created new exercises and agendas so that classes continue to be fast-paced, engaging and fun!

If you are looking for Agile leadership, Agile technical practices like mob programming, test driven development, or Scrum developer skills in general, Scrum master, product owner or Kanban system design and management, we have offerings for you.

Register for Training

Select your training course, pick a date and put your thinking cap on. We’ll take care of the rest!

Get Certified

Upon completion of our training, you’ll be confident going in to your certification exam. No sweat!

Advanced Training

Don’t quit at the bare minimum. Continue learning and achieve agile greatness.

Reliable technology that supports your learning

Our online Scrum training and Agile certification courses make the most of the versatile Zoom platform and other virtual tools.

These high quality learning experience have all-new exercises and tons of multimedia to ramp up the engagement.

Interactive – Participate fully in class discussions, hands-on exercises, and even breakout groups.
Common Learning Objectives – Get the skills you need to be more productive immediately.

Online courses built around the needs of adult learners

All of our online classes are delivered by two qualified trainers so that classes run smooth and no student is left out.

With a variety of exercises and simulations – not to mention a generous amount of breaks – these classes keep learners actively engaged.

online scrum training, Get Certified From Home Learn through Variety – Quizzes, polls, games and lots of talking with your classmates and instructors.
Get Certified From Home, online scrum training Lasting Experience – Leave with downloadable handouts and links to videos and other terrific resources.



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