Agile software development certified scrum developer training agile Devops success - 1If programmers and testers don’t understand Agile software development, don’t think Agile applies to them or fits well for their work, or just aren’t bought in yet, then you’re missing the biggest results from Scrum, and there are no roots to your agile adoption.

Whether acting as guides and technical coaches, working in tandem with your teams as consultants, or spinning up new Agile software development teams to help augment your workload, our Agile technical coaches provide a way to build in predictability, quality, transparency and agile practices – short iterations, working software, feedback loops, no silos, no surprises.

While individual technical knowledge is of some value, the way developers work as team members, motivated and bought-in, and software craftsmen who build quality in is even more important to Agile software development. We believe in building software using Scrum and XP practices, such as Test-Driven Development, Test Automation and Continuous Integration, and smoothing the flow of delivering value with the DevOps practices of Continuous Deployment and Infrastructure as Code, our developers pair to enable hands-on knowledge transfer of the technologies that help enable agility, such as AWS, microservices, Ansible, Docker or Git.

Our partners are thought leaders such as Woody Zuill (champion of Mob Programming), author Craig Larman, Microsoft MVP Jeremy Clark. Our technical coach and trainers are Paul Moore, local agile advocate and long-time host of Agile SoCal, and Cody Fletcher, serial entrepreneur, start-up developer, and co-host of the OC Python users group.

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