Our Vision for Agile Methodology Training, Consulting, Management & Development

We are called to set people free to be who they are gifted to be.
We value:
  1. Influence – Influencing individuals, communities, and the world.
  2. Partnership – Creating and empowering partnerships through trust, respect, and personal relationships.
  3. Challenge – Challenging conventional thinking.
  4. Purposeful Work – Connecting people to greater significance.
  5. Charity – Giving 10% of all proceeds from each class to charity
  6. Community – Growing new communities and connecting others to established communities.
  7. Service – Modeling and pointing others towards living beyond themselves.
  8. The Raw Deal – No pretense. No gimmicks. Just Human imperfectness.
  9. What You’re Made to Do – Discover your strengths, what fulfills you, your calling. You win, your team wins, the company wins.

Our past vision: For God and others, our vision is help individuals, teams and organizations find and take their next step.

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