I’m thinking about trying to find a Scrum master job…

This is a time of change for a lot of people. I’ve recently had a chance to talk to quite a few people looking to change careers. Many are considering trying to find a Scrum master job. I respond to some of the common questions below as well as include links to a few resources.

I’m thinking about trying to find a Scrum master job. Can you tell me about this job and can it be done remotely?

Rocket Nine Solutions provides certified training for Scrum masters, product owners, developers, and mid to executive level management. I’ve seen each of these roles played remotely. I would say that as with most roles, working as a remote Scrum master presents additional challenges that have to be worked at to overcome. For online facilitation I would recommend looking at https://www.liberatingstructures.com/

Can you give me an idea of the duties and responsibilities that go along with the Scrum master job?  Can you tell me about the average day to day rigors of this job?

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I would start your research into the duties and responsibilities of the Scrum master by a careful reading of the Scrum Guide.


The scrum master is basically the Scrum coach for the team. They serve the development team, the Scrum product owner, and the organization. Most of the challenges that Scrum helps to address are what would be considered people and organizational problems not technical problems.

Would you consider the Scrum master job to be a management position or a hands-on position?

The Scrum master role is definitely a management position but not in the traditional command-and-control sense of the word. It’s more about coaching and facilitation than about telling people how/when to do their job. In Scrum the developer role are the ones who figure out how to and do the work.

Additional Resources:

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A deep dive into how to create a Scrum master résumé to help you find a Scrum master job. Written by our partner trainer, Vic Bonacci.
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