Certified Scrum Developer: Certification Path Update

In April 2021, the Scrum Alliance released their update to the Certified Scrum Developer certification path. In the past, to obtain CSD certification, developers had to take three days of technical training, plus an additional two days of coursework. There were two tracks available: one involved completing the Certified ScrumMaster course, the other involved a one-day Scrum Foundations plus a one-day technical elective.
With the recent updates, the path to obtaining the Certified Scrum Developer has gotten much simpler and more approachable for participants. Now there is a two-day basic Certified Scrum Developer course which includes the Scrum Foundations learning objectives. This can be followed by a two-day Advanced Certified Scrum Developer course.

New certified Scrum developer certification path
Certified Scrum Developer certification path changes

In terms of learning objectives and content, our trainer and coach Paul Moore is providing the same great hands-on technical training experiences in the 2 two-day courses and adding the Scrum Foundations learning objectives with a focus on what’s relevant for technical members of a Scrum team.

Further Notes on Certified Scrum Developer Certification Path

  • Active CSD holders should already have been granted an A-CSD. This is for those who previously completed all 5 days in either of the previous tracks.
  • Inactive CSD holders will have until September 1 to renew their CSD certification and get the A-CSD.
  • Folks who attended only the 3-day CSD Technical Course can take a 1 day Scrum Foundations and get both the CSD and A-CSD.
  • Scrum Alliance expects to broadcast the changes in the coming week.

Upgrade Now

For a limited time, Scrum Alliance is providing a unique Certified Scrum Developer certification path opportunity for participants of only the previous three-day technical training course to take a one-day Scrum Foundations course and receive both their CSD and A-CSD certifications. If you would like to take a Scrum Foundations course, please click here to see our offerings.

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