Leverage the Power of Community Through Open Space

Every Agile adoption is unique. They typically begin after an organization experiences a “shock” event such as a sudden loss of market share or growing competition. Or at times its simply rooted in the gradual realization the status quo is no longer sufficient. All reasons aside, transforming an organization takes dedication, focus and support. Enter Agile Open events.

There is a growing community of organizations and individuals who are on that same journey. There is no better place to learn from their stories than participating in an Agile Open. Here are two examples.

Transparent Leadership Finds Alignment through Scrum

A strong independent senior leadership team needed to collaborate more closely and be more transparent with their employees. Since their teams were using Scrum, they decided to do the same. They changed their monthly meeting from a powerpoint endurance test, to collectively creating a backlog of all the things each leader had on their plate for the month. They met every day for their Daily Scrum to gain an idea of progress made and difficulties encountered. They transformed their monthly “All Hands” meeting into a Sprint Review where the team reported on what each leader had accomplished for the month. This transparency resulted in a stronger sense of purpose and alignment through out the organization.

Internal Open Space Solves Difficult Operational Issues

A growing desire to employ the collective experiences of various teams led one company to hold an Open Space. Sessions were held on numerous topics such as ways to increase cross team coordination and resolve handoff delays. This half-day event resulted in a number of improvement experiments and exposure to new ways of working. The power of self-organization became evident — those who do the work, really do know best how to improve that work. 

Join Your Agile Community

Become part of the Agile community in your area. Sharing your stories and learning from others is one of the best ways to grow and mature as you transform your world of work.

If you’re close to San Diego join their Agile Open. It’s March 12 – 13. Allow the power of the Agile Community in San Diego to inspire you. 

Click here to get your tickets. See you in San Diego!

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