Build Your Own Conference – The Agile Open Experience

With the San Diego Agile Open just around the corner, it would help to explain the value to those who have never been.

Essentially, people volunteer topics that either they will share about or are interested in, and then they pick a time and place for the session. Others interested can initial the topic sheet on the wall to help gauge spacing for rooms. Other sessions might be adjusted accordingly. After that, you pick your session schedule for the day just like any other conference.

The genesis of Open Space was the realization that oftentimes the best part of a conference is the impromptu chats that happen when you run into people in the halls. It’s certainly been true for me.

There are often unique aspects of an Open Space conference, but mostly you have to see it to believe the power of self-organization! More information and registration information here.

The reason Rocket Nine has sponsored, attended, spoken, facilitated and even brought snacks for the Agile Open over the last ten years. Why?

I know many agilists in the Southern California area because of my CSM (and CSPO) classes. But those in my classes have heard me say that the class is just a start. There’s a lot to learn, and the best learning is from others who have gone before you. My biggest mistake starting out was not getting connected to community earlier. We invest in local community because we believe in the value and that we should model the behavior ourselves.

And, selfishly, we learn every time we go, too. 😉

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