Certified Scrum Professional Pathway

This video is from Scott Dunn, Agile Coach Trainer of Rocket Nine Solutions which delivers Agility in the Southern California area talking to you about your training certification options along the Certified Scrum Professional pathway (CSP).

So just a couple of notes from my experience that you might find helpful and questions you could ask yourself. If you’ve already taken the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) class (there are over 300,000 of those) here are some questions I might ask you.

First of all, are you technical? Are you a developer still? Are you involved as a lead in some practices that the team started using to get there? I think those are critical skills and critical questions to ask. If you are, great! Perhaps you should consider going to the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) Course. Now you can get that certification by taking an additional three days of classes. It’s hands-on refactoring and test driven development, etc.  those practices around there. Since you already have the 2 day Certified Scrum Master Class, those additional 3 will give you the Certified Scrum Developer and there’s only 8,000 or so of those. So it’s a nice unique group as well.
Secondly, I would ask you: Are you working with or coaching the product owner and they haven’t gotten the training, or won’t have the time, or just aren’t gonna go. If so, maybe you should consider taking the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course. Here’s why: If you’re acting in the capacity as a Scrum Master who’s a coach, now you can coach the product owner on how they should write user stories, or how they should prioritize, or where’s the vision and the road map. You can work with them based on what you’ve learned from the product owner class and take that to them and help them out with that. I think that’s a great opportunity as well.

Last I would ask: Are you working with groups with more than 50 people involved and  trying to deliver out the door the software that you’re working on. If it’s more than 50 you might want to consider looking at Scaled Agile Academy’s Certified Scaled Agilist class. Although it’s not offered by the Scrum Alliance, you’ll find it on the Scrum Alliance site as extended education (EE). Now the plus of that is that it still qualifies you for the 16 scrum Education Units (SEUs) just as the Product Owner (CSPO) class would as well.

Beyond that, look at getting involved in the community or going to Scrum conferences as well. Because those are going to qualify you for units as well, in addition, book learning and volunteering. So look at those options in the Certified Scrum Professional if you’ve got your three years of experience and at least put them on the road map. Certainly in two years. And see if you can catch these opportunities for the conferences locally and nationally that are great opportunities to attend as well as those classes that maybe fit your schedule. If you even took the product owner and the Leading the Scaled Agile Framework class, that gives you 16… 32 units plus your additional Scrum Master units and you’re only a few days away from completing your journey along the Certified Scrum Professional pathway. At the time of this video recording there are only about 7,500 of those. Again, another nice small group. I hope that’s helpful to you and good luck on your Agile journey. Thank you!

If you are looking for a CSM class, CSPO class, Scaled Agilist (SAFe) class or private agile training in the Southern California area, please consider Rocket Nine Solutions.

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