1. Not enough registrations to run a profitable class locally.
  2. Lower registrations and  revenue due to absence of marketing, or less less than competitors
  3. Increasing competition and price pressure due to large training firms
  4. Lack of community visibility, thought leadership and revenue from private training and related work opportunities in local community due to limited classes and time locally
  5. Lower quality of life in personal relationships due less time home, and personal emotional and physical health due to travel lifestyle
  6. Lack of time to invest in areas of personal or business interest, such as advanced A-CSM training, or niche market.


  1. Cost-effective, proactive, planned and coordinated marketing and SEO in our targeted space
  2. Coordination and support with other like-minded trainers, thought leaders and visiting experts, partners and channels, conferences and speaking opportunities to raise your visibility and prominence in your local market.
  3. Full to partial support of class coordination and logistics
  4. Option for our pre-payment to run class so that it’s “Guaranteed to Run” and begins building your local base.
  5. Shared course curriculum, including approved Advanced CSM and Advanced CSPO, so that you can increase your offerings.
  6. Learn what’s working, and not working, from other trainers in other markets.
  7. Measurable results.