The Anchor Slowing Down Your Product Development

Great product. Smart Product Owner. Great marketing and sales. So why are you slowly losing market share over the last few years?

Technical debt.

Technical what?

It’s like credit card debt – you can pay now or pay later, but you’ll pay a lot more later. And if you’re like most companies, you’re paying a lot more than you should.

How did it happen? Well, every time we pushed an unrealistic deadline, the programmers made short-cuts and used some quick-and-dirty hacks to get something working quickly, with the promise that “we’ll come back and clean it up later.” And later never came because there’s no slow down in work.

technical debt extreme programming, slowing product development
Technical Debt is slowing product development like pulling along a tangle of rope and chain.

But now every time that area of the system is touched or added to or modified, it takes longer because it’s messier and spread all over and is more likely to break, slowing product development. It’s like finding a book in a library that doesn’t use the Dewey Decimal System or searching for  something in that one catch-all drawer in the kitchen versus getting a fork from the silverware drawer.

Roman Pichler, the author of two books on product development and strategy, wrote on technical debt:

“It directly impacts your ability to achieve strategic product goals and make your products successful: Technical debt makes it hard to experiment with new ideas, release new features, and quickly respond to user feedback.”

I admired one leader recently who committed to 50% of development time to reduce technical debt to begin to take care of that anchor that is slowing product development. Or, as a Product Owner once said, “We’re going to slow down to speed up.”

So, when are you going to start?

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With the right people in your corner, you can begin leading this change now.

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