Are you considering moving from Scrum to Kanban?

Why evaluate Kanban? Are you considering moving from Scrum to Kanban? Let’s explore that a bit. Kanban is known as an Agile way of working. You may have heard the description of Agile being an umbrella with multiple approaches to work being under this broad umbrella. This list, under the big umbrella, often includes Scrum, […]

Correcting Assumptions via Systems Thinking

Identifying the system your assumptions build is a giant first step in helping teams improve. Let’s use systems thinking to briefly examine a causal loop that either increases or decreases the team’s confidence. We begin with the assumption that “teams must be held accountable, because people do not naturally hold themselves accountable.” The domino effect this […]

Getting Married, Acting Single – Agile Adoption Without Organizational Change

I’m warning you, this is a long one… I just had yet another meeting with executives in the middle of an agile adoption who felt their project managers were fighting for their individual PM projects (and PM’s were compensated to do so), but the execs knew that the individual projects weren’t equally important. Worse for their strategy, the PM’s […]

Agile Adoption Preparation Signals Future Success

Agile Adoption Preparation I’ve recently been coaching at a company, and I’ve seen the most impressive agile adoption preparation ever. And we haven’t even “started” yet. “Normal” Agile Adoption Preparation Most companies call us in to help kick-off their agile adoption, but they have: Already decided on the approach (Scrum) and details (sprint length, day of […]

Agile Adoption and Crossing the Chasm

Let’s look at the the connections between organizational change, agile adoption and Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore Today, I want to talk to you about a common model that I draw up in my ScrumMaster classes that I think you might find helpful. This model frames and gives context to challenges that we find in […]