The SoCal Agile Leadership Summit is for those wanting to help leadership understand and buy-in at a deeper level…

For those wanting to hear other companies’ obstacles and success stories…

For those wanting to give tools to support those leading the agile adoption.

We are now live for the SoCal Agile Leadership Summit on November 6th at Disney’s Grand Californian!

Unlike standard, information based conferences open to (and trying to serve) all, this conference is structured for leadership and real outcomes.

The Agile Leadership Summit is for a limited group of 50 of the leadership of agile efforts in the Southern California area – those sponsoring, coaching, leading or playing key stakeholder roles in their company’s agile adoption and organizational transformation.

At the summit, you will

  • Engage with the toughest topics we are facing with agile adoptions, talk about the big picture and the big questions
  • Be presented with new ideas for success at the individual, team, program and management levels
  • Have strategic conversations and opportunity to strengthen the relationships within your leadership team
  • Be challenged and encouraged as leaders
  • Be given structured space to reflect and respond and chart your next steps forward for yourself and those you lead


The Grand Californian is the perfect setting for quality and collaborative work, with several additional areas for extended conversations, collaboration and personal or team leadership work between the targeted sessions.


The event is limited to 50 attendees and is filling up. Click the button below to register. We already have leadership from Edison, KBB, EMC, start-ups, Lytx, Bio-Rad, and others attending.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope you and others on your agile leadership team can make it.

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The Southern California Agile Leadership Summit is sponsored by Scrum Alliance:

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