Why Certified Scrum Developer Training?

Without the technical practices, Scrum will fail.
This training is the right choice for all team members who are involved in creating your software solutions.

Certified Scrum Developer

Give your developers the understanding and practice of a cross-functional and iterative mindset that is needed by highly-responsive Agile teams.

When Scott Dunn, the founder of Rocket Nine Solutions, was a manager he would suggest these technical practices to his team members, but couldn’t walk them through it as an expert. In his experience, they need someone with the technical chops to sit down with them and walk them through it, hands-on. Our Technical Coach, Paul Moore, brings years of direct experience using these practices to ship successful software solutions. From single team start-ups to enterprise organizations where many teams participate in the product delivery. Having someone who can work with your developers in their codebase is key in applying these new techniques to their unique situations.

Much of DevOps is built on a solid foundation of the Automated Testing and Continuous Integration practices.

Getting these practices down within each sprint is the first step towards realizing the promise of DevOps.

The Certified Scrum Developer learning track gives your developers the understanding and practice of a cross-functional and iterative mindset needed by highly-responsive Agile teams.

It covers, hands-on, the technical practices that enable teams to build quickly, iteratively AND sustainably.

This intensive two-day course will prepare you to succeed in your role as a Scrum Developer. It includes the full Scrum/Agile experience, including planning, development, testing, and retrospection. You will understand why Agile development originated and how adhering to agile principles can guide you through challenging situations.

The course is taught through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice, creating software in pairs and small groups. You will gain experience in the most important tools and techniques needed to craft quality code in an iterative and incremental fashion that Scrum requires. These ideas are the basis of agile product development.

Topics Include