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Get the roadmap, skills and confidence you need to lead large-scale Agile transformations.

Understand The Roadmap & How to Navigate It

Get clarity on the major milestones and actual execution steps that lead to Agile transition success.

Understand The Roadmap

Master our Agile implementation roadmap. Learn the 7 major milestones of a successful Agile transition journey. Use this roadmap to maintain the 30,000ft view and know you’re on track.

Practice Using The Playbook

Practice using an Agile implementation playbook to translate your business goals into concrete steps that teams can execute against to reach the milestones on your implementation roadmap.

Customize Your Implementation

Tired of one size fits all solutions? We’ll show you how to use our implementation playbook to tailor Agile solutions to the business outcomes that matter most to your stakeholders.

“Scott was an amazing teacher, taught at the right pace and was extremely insightful. He gave real-world scenarios and I could tell he has worked in the trenches before teaching this class.”

Neal Johnsen



Practice Critical Agile Leadership Skills

Practice high-impact skills and tools for leading successful Agile transformations.

Structure Your Agile Organization

Practice optimally structuring your product, project, program management and engineering teams so they can thrive with Agile.

Learn keys to promoting a positive work environment during a major Agile transition.

Practice High-Stakes Conversations

Practice getting and maintaining stakeholder buy-in and alignment. Practice using influence vs authority to promote a culture of personal accountability and ownership.

Discuss Critical Leadership Decisions

Engage in thoughtful discussion with other leaders using carefully chosen stories and case studies to learn which leadership decisions lead to failure, and which ones lead to Agile implementation success. 

Understand the 3 most common critical missteps that put Agile implementations at risk, and how to avoid them.

“Scott Dunn is a great trainer on Agile leadership. He encourages good discussion. I really enjoyed role-playing conversations with leaders to illustrate what limiting pushbacks look like and how to challenge these leaders to think deeper with tact and candor.”

Johann Vas

Instructor, Department of CIS

Appalachian State University

Gain Confidence That You're Doing It Right

With increased clarity, upgraded skills and continual support, you’ll have the confidence to deliver Agile transformation success.

Gain Clarity

After this class, you will have greater clarity on key implementation milestones, what steps to take to achieve them and how to tailor custom solutions for your organization.

Upgrade Your Skillset

You will know how to optimally structure teams and promote a culture of accountability and positivity during major change. You will know how to get and maintain stakeholder buy-in and avoid catastrophic implementation mistakes.

Get Expert Support

Get your questions answered during class, in Q&A sessions after class, in monthly video Q&A sessions for alumni and in optional, private VIP coaching sessions with Scott. We’re here to help you experience Agile implementation success.

“Scott has an amazing way of connecting with everyone attending, understanding their pain points and guiding them toward Agile leadership mindset shift.”

Bhumi Dave

Program & Portfolio Manager

OM Fusion

Meet your trainer

Scott Dunn

Founder | Rocket Nine Solutions

Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CAL)

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Scrum Master (SM)

20 Years in the Industry
Having worked as a developer (MCSD), manager and project manager (PMP) at Inc 500 and Fortune 500 companies, served as a Scrum Master for over 10 years, worked as an Agile coach at Forrester, lead numerous Agile transformations, and being one of only 30 dual Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Enterprise Coaches worldwide, I’m confident I can help you win with Agile.


100’s of Organizations Served
Between helping Nasa deliver payloads to space, helping Kaiser Permanente deliver health care on Earth, and coaching Fortune 500 companies to stay competitive in digital markets, I’ve tailored Agile training and implementation solutions for hundreds of organizations.


1000’s of People Trained
I have now had the privilege of training more than 3,000 leaders, managers, engineers and coaches on how to win with Agile. Register now, and let’s get you winning with Agile too.

Get the roadmap, skills and confidence you need to lead large-scale Agile transformations.

Leading Agile Transformations Class Schedule

Certified Agile Leadership Essentials

Your interactive Agile training includes:


We are a proud part of the Agile Leadership Journey. ALJ is an international group of over two dozen top agile leadership coaches and trainers delivering consistent, top-quality interactive workshops across a half-dozen timezones. ALJ was founded by Pete Behrens, who developed both the CAL and Certified Enterprise Coach program.


Yes. In this live, Zoom workshop you will experience:
– Time to work through scenarios in your workbook
– Small group breakout sessions
– Leadership skill role-playing opportunities
– Interactive exercises

You will be set up for success with:
– Leading Agile Transformations Workbook
– Agile Implementation Roadmap
– Agile Implementation Playbook
– Best Practice Case Studies
– Post-Class Action Plan

Yes, you can get your questions answered:
– During the workshop
– In the Q&A sessions after the workshop
– In our monthly video Q&A sessions for class alumni
– In optional, private VIP coaching sessions with Scott (see ticket options below)

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Get the roadmap, skills and confidence you need to lead large-scale Agile transformations.