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Gain the skills and expertise to facilitate effective Agile meetings with confidence

Ready to Become a More Impactful Leader?​

Equip yourself to lead masterful Agile meetings and become a catalyst for agile success.

Understanding Different Facilitation Approaches

Exploring the “From the Front,” “From the Back,” and “From the Inside” stances and their applications.

Uncovering Group Needs

Identifying methods to effectively draw out unidentified needs and concerns from the group.

Active Listening and Feedback

Mastering listening techniques and practicing effective feedback delivery

“The Agile Facilitator course equipped me with the tools to facilitate effective Agile processes and fostered a culture of continuous improvement within my team. I’ve already seen positive results in team dynamics and project outcomes.”

Joyce Bruley

Project Manager II

Real Estate Lending Innovation

“I highly recommend this class to anyone in need of facilitating teams through conflict, and understanding the needs of different teams.”

Need to keep agile meetings productive even when disagreements arise

This training equips you to guide discussions and find solutions that work for everyone.

The Role of Conflict in Agile

Recognizing conflict as a normal and valuable part of the process.

Managing Conflict Constructively

Learn techniques to maintain group positivity and navigate conflict towards productive outcomes.

Maintaining Focus

Learn how to stay on track with the agenda while fostering ethical facilitation practices.

Feeling like your Agile meetings lack direction and could achieve more?

Turn meetings around – learn to prep for team needs, set clear goals, and focus discussions for results.

Understanding Group Needs

Assessing the purpose, desired outcomes, and group dynamics before a session.

Facilitation Planning

Creating plans tailored to address specific situations like team forming, conflict resolution, or agreement design.

Collaboration and Consensus Building

Creating a collaborative space and utilizing methods to amplify the wisdom of the group in decision-making.

“I appreciated the real-world examples and hands-on exercises, which helped solidity the concepts and
techniques discussed.”

Meet your trainer

Scott Dunn

Founder | Rocket Nine Solutions

Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CAL)

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Scrum Master (SM)

20 Years in the Industry
Having worked as a developer (MCSD), manager and project manager (PMP) at Inc 500 and Fortune 500 companies, served as a Scrum Master for over 10 years, worked as an Agile coach at Forrester, lead numerous Agile transformations, and being one of only 30 dual Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Enterprise Coaches worldwide, I’m confident I can help you win with Agile.


100’s of Organizations Served
Between helping Nasa deliver payloads to space, helping Kaiser Permanente deliver health care on Earth, and coaching Fortune 500 companies to stay competitive in digital markets, I’ve tailored Agile training and implementation solutions for hundreds of organizations.


1000’s of People Trained
I have now had the privilege of training more than 3,000 leaders, managers, engineers and coaches on how to win with Agile. Register now, and let’s get you winning with Agile too.

Get the roadmap, skills and confidence you need to lead large-scale Agile transformations.

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Gain the skills and expertise to facilitate effective Agile meetings with confidence