Without the techincal practices, Scrum will fail

This training is the right choice for all team members who are involved in creating your software solutions.

Advanced Certified Scrum Developer

This hands-on course will strengthen your skills as a collaborative Scrum team member and technical lead.

The techniques build your confidence to tackle existing code bases, add automated tests, make the code more maintainable, and reduce bugs that escape the sprint. Attendees will also draw from the broader world of Agile beyond Scrum to aid them in adapting their process to best help their team deliver the most value and delight their customers.

This Advanced Certified Scrum Developer training course is aimed at software developers (programmers) who are building software in an Agile environment

The goal is to expose students to the most important tools and techniques that need to be applied in order to build good software in the iterative and incremental way. These ideas are central to the entire field of Agile software development

To understand the value Certified Scrum Developer training in agile technical practices can bring to your team, please watch this conversation between R9 founder Scott Dunn and technical coach and trainer Paul Moore.

The A-CSD Learning Objectives cover critical skills in Scrum process, coding, testing, refactoring, continuous integration, and other related topics that are needed for successful team software development.

Topics Include

Topics Include

What past students have said:

"Paul is an excellent instructor and his wealth of knowledge and experience are extremely helpful. The information learned in this class will help me become a more-productive developer."
"I think this has been THE most helpful course I have taken in my career."
"I liked practicing test driven design through pair programming and mob programming. The training offered a way to work on these concepts through low-risk, easy-to-kickoff exercises."
"The content is great. The explanations were very good too. Very active Environment with all the exercises."
"All of the pair / mob programming exercises were very productive, and made me more comfortable working with my team."
"Doing test driven development in a mob is an awesome experience!"


The course involves programming in a team environment. Attendees should be comfortable crafting code solutions as part of a team, which includes hands-on developers and quality-focused testers. Deep language skills aren’t required as the exercises focus more on agile development techniques. The exercises are offered in many popular languages including Java, C#, JavaScript/Typescript, Python, C++, and PHP. The course is a programming course, not a survey, overview, or discussion. Actual code will be written, tested, and reviewed.

Certification Prerequisites:

  • Complete A-CSD course and assignments
  • Validate 12+ months working as a Scrum Developer/team member
  • Earned a CSD with the Scrum Alliance (need not be active)

Attendee Requirements

The class is highly interactive so attendees will need a camera and microphone in order to participate. Students should have an integrated development environment (such as VS Code, JetBrains, Visual Studio, et. al.) installed on their machine. A GitHub account and basic familiarity with git repositories is useful but not a strict requirement.